Meaning of CAF in football

Meaning of CAF in football

FIFA's official representative in Africa, CAF is known through the competitions it organizes on African soil. What kind of organization is it really about?

History of the CAF

The CAF or African Football Confederation is a body created under the auspices of FIFA. Launched in 1956 by four African countries (Egypt, Sudan, South Africa and Ethiopia) it is responsible for coordinating football federations in Africa. Its primary purpose was to organize football competitions in the continent, namely the CAN (African Nations Cup) and the CAF Champions League. It also awarded the African gold ball, a replica of the gold balloon issued during the world football. At the beginning, the CAF was a transnational organization (a simple convention between 4 countries). It was not until 1957 that his status was accepted by FIFA. Today, CAF has 54 permanent members.

Operation of CAF

With 54 members and Madagascar's Ahmad Ahmad at the helm, today's CAF manages six regional confederations. Covering all parts of Africa, the latter in turn regroups each confederation of each member country. Thus, there are:

  • The Union of Football Federations of Central Africa (UNIFFAC)
  • The North African Football Union (UNAF), of which Morocco and Tunisia are members
  • Union of Football Federations of the Indian Ocean (UFFOI)
  • The Council for East and Central African Football Association (CECAFA)
  • Union of West African Football Federations
  • The Council of Southern Africa Football Associations

    Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, CAF has a well-defined status. It holds an annual general meeting that outlines and discusses important issues including: the suspension or admission of a member, or the election of a president.

    The competitions organized by CAF

    As it is its role, CAF organizes all the competitions that take place on the African continent. One of them, probably the most important is the CAN. Created in 1957, the CAN is played every two years. It has been won twice by Tunisia. CAF also organizes the other competition in alternation with the latter: the CHAN. As a particularity, this one is reserved for the players evolving on the African soil. Today, CAF is no longer the isolated confederation it was in the beginning. It has become a full-fledged fraction of FIFA whose leaders are already African not to mention that the Tunisian Tarek Bouchamaoui, member of the board of directors or the Malagasy Ahmad, President since March 17, 2017. In Africa, the CAF is the only organization qualified to send a team to an international football tournament, including the famous World Cup .

    CAF sponsors

    Like FIFA, CAF also has its official sponsors. In July 2016, the French oil company Total returned to the CAF box thanks to a sponsorship agreement called "sponsoring title" valid for 8 years. Signed to pound the presence of the oil company in Africa, this agreement allows Total to become the official sponsor of all football competitions organized in Africa whose CHAN will hold its 2018 edition in Morocco.

    CAF is also in the crosshairs of other multinationals including international ISP operators Orange or MTN. All these cash receipts are recorded and tracked in CAF's annual report to promote African football. Other aid is also valuable for CAF, especially those granted by football lovers such as the FIFA Tarek Bouchamaoui board of directors and those from private donors.

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